Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Decoration ideas from St. Louis

I recently got back from St. Louis, MO and came across this amazing store/workshop called SKIF. In their window displays were the most inventive, whimsical and lovely paper and found object decorations. I was inspired immediately by the works for my wedding. I particularly love the mish-mash of elements. The way the twigs and paper and lights create instant texture. I love the hand-made feel of the decorations too, it creates easy comfort.
I also love how accessible this will be to make. All I have to do is get paper and friends together to make lots of flowers, papelito, and other fun designs we will probably come up with on our own.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Wedding Dress Inspiration

Today was the third day of trying on more gowns. Yesterday, my friend Linda and I went and tried on much more expensive gowns than my first trial run.
The image with the purple background is a Lazaro dress that I absolutely fell in love with, except the price!
However, what I got clearer on was that I want something that shows off my figure (you're only young once!) and yet has a vintage feel and is long with a train.
We decided after the 5K dress experience to go to some fancy vintage stores and see what we could come up with....I am a designer and I specialize in reworking things, why can't I do that for my own gown?
I just can't justify spending thousands of dollars on a dress that I will only wear once especially when that money could go for other things like -- travel!
So, I think we found a wonderful embroidered dress that fits like a glove. It needs some length and shoulder straps (I refuse to wear a strapless...a girl has to eat!)
and some more pizazz. But other than that, this vintage dress really fits the bill, and my budget!

These other gowns I am displaying are by Maria Karin and I think they are fabulous! I am inspired to add similar elements to the vintage dress in the way Karina uses texture and form.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspirations for the Wedding Dress

A lot changed since I first started putting together my inspirations for the wedding dress. I have since gone out and tried some on which has altered my mindset on everything.
Which is making me think I may need two dresses. The ceremonial dress feels like I want it to be more virginal, Mary-like. More soft, more like my princess Ozma fantasy. Perhaps the reception dress will be more vixen, more queen-like and fun. The dresses I have put here fall into each category. Still not sure if I will design the dress entirely or if I will alter a dress now. Decisions!!!