Monday, June 29, 2009

Creative Headgear for Priceless

It's summer, and in the Bay Area that means countless festivals/gatherings/costume events. Since Burning Man is not in the cards this year we are costuming-up for Priceless...this weekend!

So, I thought I would share some of the headgear I have been creating for me and my man.

Priceless has a theme each year and this year it is "Midsummer Night's Dream". Therefore, we are going as our versions of Oberon and Titania (king and queen of the fairies).

We almost spent a couple $$$ on some fancy vintage headdresses but opted for the "lets-find-out-what-Joui-can-come-up-with" choice. Which as you can see is a collection of scraps and random material that I horde for occasions just like this!

For instance, fake ferns!??? They are so awful but were exactly what we needed for the costumes....I was soooo close to giving them to the thrift store in my last move.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's Repower America - Environment California

Let's Repower America - Environment California
Just wanted to help spread the word about the energy bill going through congress right now. As you know, I am a fashionable environmentalist, and I am always trying to do my part, but in the end we need the government to cap the emissions from dirty energy (which makes up most of the CO2 that is put in the atmosphere).
So share this, spread the word...we can make a difference!! I hope!
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Neon is my favorite ( for the moment )

Here is a tunic top I just finished today! Made from rip-stop fabric and in one of my favorite neon colors. It fits me perfectly and I can't wait to wear this little number to some fun parties (or just on the street).

What might seem to be a somewhat simple design turned out to be VERY complicated. The idea was to have continuous pleats that start from the top of the shoulder and then turn and end at lower side hip. In the end the patterning turned out to be way too complicated to make as a 'genuine' pleat. As a designer, I know it can be done, but since I have allocated most of my brain to the complicated Varda gowns, I wasn't going to use them up on my own playful blouse.

So, the yellow ribbing at the bottom of the tunic, are acting as "fake" pleats. The real pleats are just the vertical ones.
In the end, like most unintentional design elements, I am happy how it all turned out, although I would have liked to see more of a true accordion silhouette.

And of course...why neon? Why not?! I think it must be my reaction to the ever-continuous dullness of the western world's infatuation with black ---I am constantly looking for ways to rebel. AND you will never loose me in a crowd ;-)

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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Latest Recycled Vest...

As usual I like to share the latest recycled vests as they come down the pipeline.

This particular vest is exciting because it is a new version of the series I did in a previous blog.

With this vest, instead of piecing different blazers together to create one look, I simply used the bottom of the jacket to create the ruffle around the collar. In the other vests, the ruffles were created from selected scraps. In this piece the only scraps used are in the draped fabric piece that works its way around the bottom.

The scrap fabric used is by Ana Lisa Hedstrom and is one of my favorite details with this vest.

I also like how the lining of the jacket accentuates the under-collar portion of the neck ruffle.

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