Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pictures of the wedding dress....

The wedding veil

I wanted a vintage style veil, but I was struggling with it not looking like a shower cap. Finally I found the solution, to have the tule come from under my hairstyle instead of over it and it solved the problem.
In the image here, I am testing my hair and make up. I made my veil with creating a headband from silk organza overlaid with lace, and then hand sewn flowers and trims from different types of silks. Then I created snaps for the tule to attach below and be able to snap off so that I was free to dance after the ceremony.

I finally got married! A breakdown of the gown...

I really won't go into much wording on this, what I want to do is show pictures and progress of how things turned out. First off, to see a beautiful photo summary of the day go to this link: Andrew and Joui's Wedding

First things first, let's start off with my wedding dress. First, I tried on some dresses and each dress got me in a different mood. Here are some images...I was very tempted by some gowns that I mentioned before that I was convinced not to buy, but rather make something myself, so I started draping at my friends studio. Here were some of the e the dresses the drapes that resulted. They were nice but they felt too old fashioned, even though I liked the feel of vintage, what was coming out of me wasn't quite right. I also realized that I didn't have time or energy to make the entire dress, and what would end up taking me a long time would be creating the silhouette.

So I decided I would find a vintage dress and then embellish it and make it my own (which is the part I love most of all.) The first dress with the bedazzlements is what I almost bought as my dress.
The second dress in a true white, was a 1920's inspired silk charmeuse with a four foot train. I was so excited by the train, since I had envisioned it for my wedding!

These next pics are of the dress with the first drape of the embellishments. I copied the Lazaro dress I loved so much because I realized it would help me keep on target, yet because it was me copying it, it would inherently be different and unique. And it was.
In the image to the right, I have sewn on I can't tell you how many pounds of hand pleated silk organza ruffles. Then most of them had to be hand sewn as well. With the long train, at moments I had to hang the dress from my chandelier while I sewed!
In this next image I have added a lot more of the fun, funky stuff. Trims and laces from fancy donations, lace from friends grandmothers, lace from designers etc. All my years of collecting fabric came to use! The dress to the right is the final version.
Here I am in the final dress. Next post will talk about the veil!