Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Vagadu?!

Hello everyone!

Isn't is cold right now in San Francisco?! When I looked at the weather for this week it said that it was going to rain more, which means that it is nearing a San Francisco winter! San Francisco is finally starting to act like San Francisco, horray! I hope that you guys like this weather as well.

As I'm sure you guys all know, here at Vagadu we rework clothing items using older vintage already constructed clothing pieces. What we do is deconstruct the item, breaking it down to the very basics. Then we rebuild the piece creating a blazer, vest, dress, or Obi-Belt using other fabrics that have been previously donated to Vagadu from many different places. Sometimes the fabrics come all the way from France or Italy!

We believe that buying items that have been reworked or recreated from previous garments is the best thing to do!
This is because those prices have already gone through the entire (lengthy) fabric treatment process and aren't causing any further environmental damage. Instead of following in our culture's past habit of abandoning clothing that is out of season or has fallen out of style Vagadu takes those items and breaths a new life. We work to create new unique pieces that are designed so that it will continue to be current even after the
current trends pass.

Buying organic clothing is a great step that can be taken to "green" up your closet but even organic fabrics have to be sent through a treatment process. This process is long and uses a lot of coal burning energy thus making the organic fabrics very controversial. There are many people
within the clothing industry that believe that buying organic and buying nonorganic fabric is the same thing. This is because of the environmentally harmful steps that both fabric types go through before they are able to be turned into the garment that we buy.

Another thing that Vagadu does which helps make our clothing surpass the current trends is that we use vintage pieces as the
base for our blazer vests. Vintage pieces are constructed at a higher standard than what most mass production clothing company currently have today. This means that those vintage base items are going to last longer and look better longer
because of the work that was put into the item. Vagadu then steps in and rebirths the item making it current with detailing and wonderful other fabrics!

I believe that everyone should try and do their part to help counteract the damage that has been already caused to the environment! If you do this through buying green (clothing, food, anything!), through donating old clothing or recycling and composting then GREAT!

Keep up the good work! Your planet thanks you!

Love & Fashion,

Kelley for Vagadu

Monday, October 11, 2010

Accessories For Every Location

Hello everyone! We cannot believe that it is already almost the middle of October! This year is moving so quickly! We hope that everyone in San Francisco is loving this Indian Summer as much as we are.

At Vagadu we've made these great new hair pieces! And this blog is going to focus on how many different ways you can wear them modeled on one of the interns at Vagadu. The hair pieces are super fun because there are many different shades of each color within the accessory making it so that you can wear these with any shade of color! The intern is modeling one of the pink ones, but there are many different colors like blues, golds, multi-colors, and neutrals!

One of our favorite things about these pieces is that we've made them using old scrap pieces that we have around the studio. Before we thought of this idea, the scraps were being used but often were too small for bigger projects like the vests. Now there is no scrap piece that is too small for these Scrap Hairpieces! Yet another way that Vagadu is staying green and making eco friendly clothing.

Anywhere that you could think of wearing one of these pieces, you can really wear it there! As a hair piece? Obviously! As a chocker or neckaccent? Yes! On your belt, blouse, shoe?! Of course! On your wrist? You Bet! You can pin it, clip it, add a headband to it, put a belt through it
and tie it anywhere that you think looks good!

Love & Fashion,

Kelley for Vagadu

Monday, October 4, 2010

Marguerite's Purple Recreation

Hello everyone! I hope that everything is going well for you!

Recently we created this beautiful blazer vest for Marguerite. Before the blazer went through it's wonderful
transformation it was a solid purple blazer by Donna Karen. It was designed sometime during the early 90s and had become a bit d
ated. Marguerite wanted to change the blazer into something that she could wear because the blazer was currently just sitting in her closet.

This is when Marguerite decided to contact
Vagadu and we set about the repurposing process. This blazer was already such a bright bold color so we decided not to add any dark accents onto the piece. We wanted to keep the bright purple the main focus, as per Marguerite's wishes.

To accent the collar of the blazer we used hand dyed silks in yellow and silver in order to make the purple pop even more! The flower was made from leftover fabric pieces from one of the couture gowns that we'd created previously.

To balance out the other side we added beadwork to look like someone had just tossed the beads onto the blazer. Marguerite was very pleased with the result of the blazer and she planned to wear it with a rust orange colored top underneath.

This is another great example of what custom can do for the old favorite or well loved pieces in your wardrobe!

Love & Fashion,

Kelley for Vagadu