Monday, August 30, 2010

The "New" Vest, Bunnies Not Included

Hello all!

Today Carol came in to pick up her new vests that she commissioned us to breathe a new life into. These items Carol had hanging in her closet, getting no use but she couldn't part with them either. The idea to change them into something more functional came about, so we set about this new task.

The idea was to create a new vest that would flatter her figure and would be able to be worn in multiple setting including a more formal atmosphere. The two vests created looked best falling at mid hip level. The creation of this item, along with Carol's extremely pleased reaction has spurred the idea to create more vests falling at the same length in different patterns and styles.

What was great about this project was that the pieces we worked with were brought in by the person who was having the items created. This is a great opportunity to bring in an item that holds sentimental value but just doesn't quite fit anymore, like your father's old blazer.

This project was also challenging because this was the first time creating a vest that would fall longer than waist level. The end product turned out wonderful and everyone walked away happy with the new vests.

In the case of the bunny vest, it has previously been a track jacket with a zipper up the very center of the jacket. This zipper was reworked into a decorative item along both sides of the vest that worked well with the silk along the neck line. A button allows the vest to still be closed.

Love & Fashion,

Kelley for Vagadu