Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obi Belt The Vagadu Way

Hi everyone! How are all of you?
We're all really happy here at Vagadu because of these new belts that we have been creating this month! They are the Vagadu take on the popular Obi Belt!

What is really cool about these belts is that we've made them to fit into our current collection! So there are Navy& Red belts, Neutral belts, and belts that are mix of all different blues! Isn't that a cool idea?! Soon there will belts
that will contain the pop color of our collection, we're making them this month!

Within these belts there are shapes that we haven't seen on any other Obi Belts, like really interesting geometric matters. Thebelts are all different, some are flowing from one side to another while some are totally different on both sides. We've used hand dyed silks, laces and velvets to add texture to these pieces and those textures make them pop!

We love the Obi Belts because they are an accessory that can be worked
in an outfit in such a wonderful way. Wearing them with a plain colored T-shirt or oversized shirt would create a totally different look than whenever you had previously worn that same top!

Another reason why these belts are great is that they are at a lower price point than some of the other Vagadu items
(under $150!!). This is great news for those of you who want to own
something by Vagadu but haven't found anything for your price point.

Love & Fashion,
Kelley for Vagadu

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Perfect Rose Reworked

Bonjour everyone!

One of the projects that I was really excited about reworking
was a vest that we'd come to call the Prefect Rose. The Prefect Rose was a blazer that we had already reworked into a blazer vest but people were not responding to this item the way that we thought they would be.

The idea came about to rework the Prefect Rose into an even better blazer vest than the first time. If a blazer vest is created and does not successfully sell then the next option is coming up with ideas on how we can make the vest even more flattering than how it currently is.

You can tell from the previous picture where I'm wearing the blazer vest what we've changed in the final product. But to explain, we unpicked the bottom drape and flattened out the way the blazer vest fell at the waist. Also we trimmed the bottom by about 3 inches so that it sat in a different location, we also dropped the bottom down creating a larger waist. We took material that we had cut off of the bottom and added it onto opposite the roses to create balance in the neck line.

Recently this blazer vest was wrote by a friend of Vagadu at a Gala in San Francisco and the vest was a great success. The woman wearing it was complimented throughout the evening, proving that a little reworking goes a long way!

Love & Fashion,

Kelley for Vagadu

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Creations Are Blooming at Vagadu

Good morning!

Right now we're really excited about a flowering vest that we recently created. This vest is a good accent piece to be worn over a long or short sleeve T-shirt depending on your climate.

We really love this piece because it is so versatile, we have it shown on the model worn with a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. The flowering vest is something that can turn an outfit from low key into a one of a kind creation.

The flowering vest could be worn as shown or as a going out item paired with a tank and a high waisted skirt or trousers. This is one of those types of items that would get frequent wear because of the different looks that you can create with this flowering vest.

The multiple colors that were used for this item allow the item to both blend in and stand out depending on what color you pair the vest with. With a darker color the fuschia in the background would really pop where as with a lighter color the flowers would pop more.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! Have a great day!

Love & Fashion,

Kelley for Vagadu

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not Just Any Old Wedding Gift

Hey! How is everyone doing today?!

This blazer was first created as a pop color item that would bring color to any wardrobe since it is made from all different shades of purple. But this product ended up becoming something much more.

My cousin was getting married and after speaking to family members, they all agreed that I should make her a blazer specifically for her instead of a traditional wedding gift. My cousin loves colors that are bold and bright like reds.

We had already created this purple blazer, but to make it something that my cousin would like even more we decided to add red accent points to it. We did this through adding in red bead work, and fun red fabrics made from satin charmeuse to the neck line. This made the final product more flamboyant and exactly what my cousin wanted!

What was unique about this item is that we were able to rework the blazer for a second time to create the final end product. It shows that these blazers can be even further enhanced to make something that is even more liked.

Love & Fashion,

Kelley for Vagadu