Monday, May 10, 2010

Flowering Scraptec the idea was born!

I love my 'Flowering Scraptec Vests' made from the remnants of the 'Varda's Women Gowns'.

I never blogged about how the idea was created. So I thought I would finally do it!

As a woman with a small bosom, I was noticing that I wanted some attention to the chest region--an area on me that often goes unnoticed. I have always been a fan of designs that exploit this area creatively. Starting back when Jean Paul Gautier was doing cone-breasts.

The flowering idea came with the fact I had a million scraps left over from the gown collection and I couldn't stand to throw them away...they were too beautiful! So the flowering effect was a perfect way to utilize the scraps.

Before I decided to make the idea into a vest, it was first part of a dress that I reworked from the Rex Floodstrom collection (as seen below).

Since the Rex dresses were very long, I hacked them in two pieces and used the bottom as the skirt part of the dress and created the flowering part for the top (as seen in the image below left).

I am wearing the dress to an art show at Gray Area Gallery. It was the perfect dress to wear to an art show. In my mind, one must wear art when viewing it!