Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspiration for the next collection of Blazer Vests!

This will be the first collection of Blazer Vests where I am trying to create color ways that are in-step with the current fashion trends. In the past, I hadn't really thought about what colors are "in" when making the vests and--moving forward-- I see it much making the vests more marketable without loosing the special VAGADU touch! Actually, having strict colors restrictions has allowed for a resurgence of creative!!!!

Here are a couple of tears from magazines that show the current color trends I will be playing with and next to them is a simple photoshop mock-up of how they might look on my darling vests. I already have four of them finished .... but they will be released
at a special date TBA. *Note* the pictures of the vests are not is just to give you a taste of how it all will translate.

Dark Blue
Navy Blue and Red! This is from Vogue and I am warning you that you will be seeing this combo around all this Fall. Tans
Also in Tans and Neutrals mixed together! As you know I love bold colors so it has been a fun challenge to work in softer shades, but I have been loving it none the less.
Bold Accent: Green
Every collection needs its stand out pieces. I pulled a tear from a Lanvin ad, and I am having fun mixing beads and other textures into bright green fabric.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Straps: An easy way to improve your dress!

I recently bought a dress from Free People. I love the brand for their fun fabrics and unique way of creating garments. Even still, as a designer, almost nothing I buy is perfect as is. In this case the dress was great--besides the straps.
In my opinion, because the straps were this cheap shoe-lace material it down graded the overall feel.
Solution! Change the straps! So, I cut them off and made thicker straps from a really nice black Tar Poly (like lycra).
As you can see from the picture below the simple adjustment makes all the difference. It raises the quality on the dress noticeably.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Shoulder Pad Skirt

Just thought I would share one of my latest little projects. This is my Shoulder Pad Skirt. A combination of at least 30 shoulder pads from all the Blazer Vests I have been making. I would definitely call this a deconstructionist look. That is why I paired it with one the sleeve vests on my intern and model-du-jour Celia.

One thing for sure about this skirt is it would be perfect for going to the ball-park. You wouldn't need to bring a seat cushion!!!!