Friday, April 23, 2010

Latest Brainstorm for the leftover Sleeves....

I have created another idea of how to use the sleeves that are discarded from the Blazer Vests.

If you haven't seen the Sleeve Vests here is picture to show you how one of them looks. I love using sleeves as a vest, but the idea hasn't caught on as fast as I would like.
Therefore, I thought in the meantime I would find some other concepts for those fun little sleeves..

Thus....the Sleeve Dress #1!
I love this dress for many reasons. Soon I will show it on an actual human, but for the meantime you will just have to imagine. I love the way the sleeves make easy bulk in the need for a bustle, the sleeve just keeps its fluff! I also having the sleeves enter on different sections of the upper part of the dress, which keeps it a bit unexpected.

I also had to throw in a bit of plaid...which according to the top designers is going to be the next thing for fall, although for me, plaid is always in.
Just ask Vivienne Westwood.

The only drawback for the dress is it requires a heck of a lot more sleeves....I think around 10 were used for this piece.